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Meet RHP Author Dawn Hawkins!

Thank you again to last week's subject, RHP author Julie Young! After reading the excerpt of "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" on her website, I'm really looking forward to the release of her book.

And now, please allow me to introduce another new Rocking Horse Publishing author, Dawn Hawkins, who is celebrating the release of her novel, "Danny's Grace." Here's the official synopsis, as written on her website, and then we'll jump right into the author bio and interview...

Danny Rush is a master manipulator with an ego the size of Texas. He lives a secluded life in a cozy beach house, with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. His whole life, he has avoided facing the issues that threaten to destroy the remainder of his sanity.
Danny will lead Grace, and his subconscious, through a maze of lifelong injustices, horrifying revelations, bad decision-making, twisted ethics, and his unconventional means of survival: his childhood, his sudden rise to fame, his disgraceful and tumultuous fall to the depths. His narrative is like no other, evoking both sympathy and outrage, often simultaneously.
But remember, Danny is an expert at misdirection...

Dawn Hawkins was born, raised, and continues to reside in her hometown in Maryland. She tried several job options prior to the realization that writing was the only viable opportunity for her. She postponed that dream until three years ago, when she first began her adventure with Danny’s Grace. Dawn is a freelance writer who has worked in accounting positions, as a cashier, and as co-lead in the GM/HBA department of a large grocery store chain. Although grateful for the opportunities, she could not deny her true passion. Her greatest pleasure comes from her grandchildren.

What inspired you to become a writer? - I always loved to read, even as a child. Writing seemed the natural next step. Mark Twain is one example of the types of authors who inspired me and made me think “That’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

What is this story about? - Danny’s Grace is about a man who is being interviewed by a novelist. He was a teen idol who fell from grace; however, there is a lot more to his story and his life. The interviewer hears stories that make her blood curdle, but, Danny also reaches her sympathetic side. He’s seen it all, but there are secrets that only Danny and his close group know. The stories aren’t all his either. There are some secrets that should never come out. Danny lets his guard down a little bit too much with Grace. It could be his final downfall.

What was it about this story that made you want to tell it? - The injustices in the world, particularly injustices to children. It started out as a story about drug abuse and trying to get clean. It turned into a story about child abuse. Every type of abuse is covered throughout Danny’s story. Again, it isn’t just about Danny though. He’s holding on to secrets for people he loves too. The story switched gears after a little girl in my county died after an unspeakable abuse at the hands of someone she trusted. The story is not about her, but, that is what inspired me to rethink Danny’s Grace.

Do you have a favorite secondary character? - Yes! Janelle. She is Danny’s sister. You would think it would be Grace, but she’s fairly quiet throughout the story. We don’t get to know her much. Janelle, she takes nothing from anyone. She learned how to take care of her business early on and nobody is going to trample on her and get away with it. She’s a force to be reckoned with and I would definitely like to have her as a best friend.

Do you normally work with beta readers or a critique group? Why or why not? - I did have some help with it. I joined a site where writers post their work for critiques. I was a little nervous about doing it at first because I liked my writing just the way it was. It turned out to be a huge help in developing the story.

How did you come across Rocking Horse Publishing? - Ah, I actually stumbled across it. I have known Robin Tidwell for quite some time via several other websites. I sent her the story before I realized that she had a publishing company. I wanted to get her opinion of the story to see if it had any merit. She wrote back and said she wanted the story. Thus, the publisher/author relationship began. She has been an absolute joy to work with.

Is there an underlying message that you feel applies to all of your writing? - There probably is and if you read between the lines, you probably will come up with your own formula for what the message is. I’m not sure that I would know how to write anything at all if it weren’t for trying to get some type of message across.

Is there anything you would like to plug? (Add whatever links you want.)
This is my blog for Danny’s Grace
Readers can get an autographed copy by ordering from the blog. There is a post for it.
I can be contacted via Twitter by the handle @DDH63 and my Facebook author’s page here
The book can be order through Rocking Horse Publishing at

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  1. Hello from the Writer's event. This looks like an interesting book and it was a great interview.